A downloadable game for Windows

created in about 11 days with roughly about 11 beers


Eleven Minutes after our hero enters the dungeon, something terrible happens, but a mystic being warps him back in time. Can he find out how to stop that timeloop? (Spoiler!: not in this alpha version).

In every timeloop you have to reach a new floor and avoid to die! When time is up, you have the opportunity to spend your gold and prepare for the same journey again, as the dungeon will be generated the same way as before.

This is a real early prototype of a game idea for the Rock Paper Shotgun EGX Gaming Contest.

Its playabale at the current state, but a lot of ideas are not implemented right now. But we would like to do it after the contest ;)

All levels are procedural generated;

See also the devlogs for some more informations of planned features in the future.

Special thanks to my teenage daughter who made the logo for the main menu. It was her first game art ever!


Eleven minutes to midnight V0.1.3 26 MB

Development log

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